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Bertoldo's Bakery Nougat 100g
From the rich heart of Australia's Riverina district comes a French-style nougat with smoothness and taste among the best in the world.

Flavour - Nougat

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Product Description
Born from a recipe generations old and enhanced by the fresh flavours of pure Australian ingredients, Bertoldo's has created a delicious selection of original nougat varieties. Since 1952, three generations of the Bertoldo family have maintained the sweetest of traditions. Today you can make a delicious decision, which of the 6 nougats will be your first choice?

Original - A perfect blend of almonds, glucose, sugar, honey and egg whites.
Cherry -  We have enhanced the great taste of our original nougat by adding cherries, a real delight.
Chocolate - Just enough chocolate is delicious, our nougat, coated with a single layer of chocolate over the top edge. A taste that can't be topped.
Macadamia - A traditional native Australian nut and traditional Bertoldo nougat. With this combination, we have created a softer, smoother nougat.
Apricot - Original Bertoldo's Nougat with sundried apricots, a tangy fruity delight.
Deluxe - The classic flavour of torrone in a Bertoldo nougat. A unique flavour of its own and a favourite for the discerning nougat eater.

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